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ISTR Biennial Conference

The International Society for Third Sector Research will hold its biennial conference 2000 to exchange ideas and research findings about the Third Sector. The conference is hosted by the Association for Voluntary Associations in Ireland, North and South (AVARI). AVARI is a new organization for researchers and others interested in the outputs of Third Sector research from across the island of Ireland.

The theme of the conference is "The Third Sector: For What and For Whom?" This theme was selected to explore two fundamental questions about the Third Sector and its growth: what does it do and who does it serve, at all levels from local to global?

General Information

ISTR Secretariat Margery B. Daniels, Executive Director, e-mail: Donna L. Schaub, Program Assistant, e-mail:

The Johns Hopkins University 559 Wyman Park Building 3400 North Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218-2688 USA Telephone: 410-516-4678 FAX: 410-516-4870

All correspondence and payments concerning registration, scholarships, and registration subsidies should be addressed to the ISTR Secretariat.


The 29th Annual ARNOVA Conference
November 16-18, 2000 in New Orleans, Louisiana USA

The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) invites participation in its 29th annual conference. Conference topics include voluntarism, the nature of the third sector and its place in society, the management of nonprofit organizations, international and comparative studies of the third sector and the teaching of nonprofit studies. As well, proposals can address issues related to specific sub-sectors such as grassroots and community development, health, social services, religion, culture, civic benefit, recreation, education, and advocacy.

In addition to the topics listed above, we invite participation in two special focus areas: Learning from History: As we enter a new millennium, what does history teach us about voluntary action and civil society? The Environment, the Economy and Public Policy: How do nonprofits, for-profits and governments interact over environmental issues? We welcome participation from scholars in all academic disciplines as well as from nonprofit organization executives, foundation staff, consultants, and policymakers. Graduate students are also encouraged to submit proposals based on relevant dissertation research. Those interested may:

o Submit a proposal for a paper;
o Submit a proposal for a panel session;
o Submit a proposal for a poster session;
o Volunteer to act as the chairperson and discussant for a conference session.

To present a paper, panel or poster, send a proposal including the required PARTICIPATION COVER FORM to the ARNOVA Executive Office, c/o Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, 550 W. North Street, Suite 301, Indianapolis, IN 46202 (phone 317/684-2120; fax 317/684-2128).