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Free Access to the Union Institute Center for Public Policy Nonprofit Leadership and Democracy Curriculum

We offer curriculum materials developed by the Union Institute Center for Public Policy's Nonprofit Leadership and Democracy Project. For a free copy of the Nonprofit Leadership and Democracy Curriculum: A Guide for Strategic Analysis, Participatory Research, Civic Action, and Effective Advocacy, by James V. Riker, Ph.D., please click on the links below.

The Nonprofit Leadership and Democracy Project has developed an innovative educational and training curriculum to help equip current and future nonprofit leaders to meet the complex challenges facing the nonprofit sector. Drawing directly on the historical knowledge and contemporary experience of leading scholars and practitioners from the United States, the project examines the nonprofit sector's critical role in advancing social justice and deepening democracy.

The project was developed with the support of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Below is the entire curriculum in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Cover Page A Guide for Strategic Analysis, Participatory Research, Civic Action and Effective Advocacy by James V. Riker, Ph.D.
Table of Contents Includes Acknowledgements, Overview, & How to use the Guidebook.
Lesson 1 The Theoretical and Historical Roles of Nonprofit Organizations in Advancing Social Justice and Fostering Democracy
Lesson 2 Nonprofit Organizations' Survival and Viability
Lesson 3 Nonprofit Organizations' Accountability and Responsiveness to the Publics That They Serve
Lesson 4 Nonprofit Organizations' Role in Fostering Democracy
Lesson 5 Nonprofit Organizations' Role in Promoting Social Justice
Lesson 6 Nonprofit Advocacy and Popular Mobilizing for Economic Justice: Nonprofit Strategy and Practice (Living Wage Campaigns)
Lesson 7 Deepening Representative and Participatory Democracy: Nonprofit Strategy and Practice (Campaign Finance Reform)
Lesson 8 Representation, Race and Class Dynamics: Nonprofit Strategy and Practice (The Environmental Justice Movement)
Lesson 9 Seeking Social Justice through Grassroots Activism and National Coalition-Building: Nonprofit Strategy and Practice (the Violence Against Women Act - VAWA)
Lesson 10 Sustaining Strategic Vision and Leadership: Essential Tools for Nonprofit Leaders

The Teaching Resource Center at INOM also has a limited number of printed copies of the Guide in binder format with the lessons in PDF format on CD Rom for distribution to the public at cost. Please download an order form and fax or mail to INOM. Binders with a CD-ROM cost $10 USD each and CD-ROM's without the binder cost $5 USD each. Please add 8.25% sales tax if you are ordering within California. For international orders, please add 20% for additional shipping charges.

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